Friday, May 24, 2013

All You're Waiting For

Song: All You're Waiting For
Artist: Classixx
Album: Hanging Gardens

This album has been quite a while in the making.  Classixx hit single "I'll Get You" was released back in 2009, and just now they are getting their debut out... but it was worth the wait.  I came to "I'll Get You" a bit late, hearing it years ago but on vacation last summer found it being played at just about every party I went to.  It clicked as they say, and I shared it with y'all!

I wasn't really checking for this record, but it popped up late last month and I have been quite enjoying it since.  A mix of pop-house and smooth electro with a slew of different vocalists, Hanging Gardens also dives into the past, with dance sounds of the 70s and 80s working their way alongside these modern synths and beats.

An immediate favorite upon hearing it was "All You're Waiting For," a delicious, summer-feeling jam with gorgeous vocals by LCD Soundsystem & The Juan Maclean regular Nancy Whang.  It's a corker, and happens to be the latest single.

Amid some transcendental instrumentals you'll also find past singles "Holding On" as well as "I'll Get You" in there.  Also of note is the opening title track which bubbles up slowly with a twisted, (I think) sample of Fleetwood Mac's "Seven Wonders."  It's quite effective.


All You're Waiting For
Hanging Gardens
I'll Get You

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