Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Best of 2013 - Nocturnes

Best of 2013

Song: Beat Beat
Artist: Little Boots
Album: Nocturnes

Little Boots returns with the difficult sophomore set, and creates a killer album.  Oddly released in the Summer, it's got such a Winter vibe that if you let it pass you by in 2013, I'd give it another try now.

In a way the female flip of Cut Copy's Free Your Mind, Nocturnes also dives deep into a 90s House feel, also going for atmospheric meets hooky bliss.  Lyrically and emotionally I give the advantage to Little Boots as Nocturnes delivers some of her best songwriting to date.  There may not be something here quite as infectious as "New in Town," yet the record is filled with tracks that sound classic.

It was way back in late in 2011 that we first heard new material, and then some one-off tracks that didn't end up making the album... it was unclear when this thing was coming out.  She had some label issues and when the album was finally released it was sort of met with a shrug, which is unfortunate.  I really loved it straight away, though again other more summery music took precedence.  I revisited the album towards the end of October and rediscovered it's lush, subtle brilliance.  Give it a shot, it's amazing.


Beat Beat
Every Night I Say a Prayer

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