Thursday, January 09, 2014

Best of 2013 - Settle

Best of 2013

Song: When a Fire Starts to Burn
Artist: Disclosure
Album: Settle

Up for a Best Dance Album Grammy, the winning sibling duo from the U.K. known as Disclosure took the dance world by storm with their House manifesto Settle.  With no less than six singles, Settle took the UK by storm and the guys became the hottest production team this side of Daft Punk this year.

When I highlighted the band early last year I called them "one to watch in 2013."  See!

Settle is a collaboration-heavy work that never-the-less sounds completely cohesive and an album that's easy to stick with from start to finish.  And what a start... after a killer intro the album launches with the scorching "When a Fire Starts to Burn," which oddly never became a single.  Been one of my favorite jams for the last half of the year.

This album has made it onto just about every year-end best-of list I've seen, and deservedly so.  If you like dance music, this was essential listening this past year.  And if you don't like dance music... what are you on this blog for? (wink-wink)


When a Fire Starts to Burn

White Noise
F for You

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