Monday, May 20, 2013

Live it Up

Song: Live it Up (feat. Pitbull)
Song: Jennifer Lopez
Album: Live it Up

Despite embodying everything that's been criticized about the state of pop music right now... J. Lo and Pitbull manage to create their third completely infectious lead track for her upcoming eighth album and contender for Song of the Summer 2013.

Yes you read that right, eighth album.

Basically what we have here is 2013's version of "Starships" so you may want to just quit reading now.  But if you have any love for that track, also produced by RedOne, than this latest hook-fest complete with now-predictable "insane" drop than you'll find a lot to love about 'Live it Up."  It's no "Hypnotico" though.

Or you can begin your campaign of hate right now.  Because I don't think you'll be able to escape this one.  Sorry.

Yeah I see that eye roll... whatever, you can go back to listening to the new Daft Punk now.


Live it Up

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JHL said...

I love me some J Lo!