Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Grown Woman

Song: Grown Woman
Artist: Beyonce
Album: Grown Woman/TBD

Two big pop girls in a row... stay with me.

So this new full Beyonce track just emerged and it's wrapped in a bit of "what-is-going-on?" mystery in terms of her latest "campaign" if that's what you call it.  Since she performed at the Super Bowl fans have been awaiting an announcement of new material, album, etc.  She announced a tour, and performs this song on it... but is it the first single?

Is there even a new album?  Is she pregnant again?  If so is she finishing the tour?

Nobody seems to know.  My question is... will Beyonce ever tire or run out of female empowerment anthems?  It seems not...

"Grown Woman" is a slightly monotonous track with a lot of African tribal sounds on it... which I quite like.  It's not pop like "Single Ladies," but warmer than "Who Run the World."  Not bad... but is it single material?

I'm oddly indifferent to Beyonce, when it seems most people have a love her or hate her relationship with her.  I thought 4 was rather interesting with its adult contemporary leanings... if you take this for "a sound" from the album, I'd be interested in a traditional/tribal/island pop sound from Beyonce.  Could be interesting.

Though what's with the crowd noises?


Grown Woman

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