Friday, May 17, 2013

The Time is Now

Song: The Time is Now
Artist: Moloko
Album: Things to Make and Do

If you follow music on the internet at all (and I hope you do because you're reading this) you probably heard that Daft Punk have a new album out.  You also may have heard they've semi-ditched the EDM sound that they helped make popular, went analog, and delved into disco, MOR, the sound of Steely Dan and the 70s in general.  Everybody seems to have a strong opinion about all this, especially the disco sound of it all.  For a forward-thinking duo like Daft Punk, what exactly is the fuck?

Well, I like disco.  And would honestly welcome an infusion of the soulful sounds of funk and glorious string-laden disco back into the top 40.  Sure I like all this electro/dance/EDM pop, but it is all a little too same-sounding.

But disco has still hung on here and there with artists taking the blueprint of that sound and modernizing it.  And thanks to the Daft Punk debate and this ol' internet, I've been introduced to Anglo-Irish electronic duo Moloko's track "The Time is Now" from 2000.  Spanish guitar, a thumping beat, cooing sexy vocals, with dramatic, strings and synths... it's aural pleasure.  It's 13 years old now, and it still sounds great.  Just as some of Moroder's work with Donna Summer still sounds current today.

This is a great song that I'm sorry it's taken me 13 years to discover.  But I am honestly floored this AM after finally reading up on this band and discovering the singer is none other than Roisin Murphy, who along with Mark Brydon comprised the band that released four albums!  I've got some catching up to do...

"The Time is Now" is the perfect way to glide into your weekend.


The Time is Now
Sing it Back
Forever More

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