Friday, February 08, 2013

Ashes of My Paradise

Song: Ashes of My Paradise
Artist: Kelly Sweet
Album: Ashes of My Paradise/Sirens EP

Kelly Sweet is returning with a new album and a new sound six years after her debut album, "We Are One."  I highlighted that title track way back in '06, and largely forgot about Kelly.  Remixes of that song pointed a different direction she should have possibly taken from the start, as the Adult Contemporary sleepiness never quite fit someone so young. (IMHO)

Things have changed.

Cut to "Ashes of My Paradise," and electro-pop album she quietly released last year in Japan which is actually quite good.  I always thought she sounded like Sarah McLachlan, and while Sarah never did an electronic album, she did many remixes of her tracks, and also co-wrote and sang on Canadian electronic duo Delirium's 1999 single "Silence," which I immediately was reminded of when hearing "Ashes of My Paradise." (helped, most likely, by the repeated use of the word "silence.")

I'm not 100% sure, but it seems that portions of "Ashes" the album are being released as an EP here in the States this year under the album track name "Sirens," with a full album out later I would assume.  Not sure if more recording is in the works or not.  Her new website seems pretty active, and you can download the single there for free.

The new sound is a little Ellie Goulding, and thankfully more straight-up pop than her earlier work.  It's a great direction that fits her voice and again, age much better.  I hope this expands her audience.


Ashes of My Paradise
My Amazing Grace

Sirens (Emvy Remix)

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