Monday, February 11, 2013

This is the Day

From the 100 Influential Albums List

Song: This is the Day
Artist: The The
Album: Soul Mining

Just last week I saw a friend fill out one of those silly Facebook App things that read; "How many of the 100 most Influential Albums do you own?"  I was intrigued...

Well, I scored a 37/100, not bad... though I honestly thought I'd do better.  But it made me realize that there were several records from bands/artist I really loved that I've never got around to getting or even really listening to.  Why?  Well this list gave me the kick in the ass and I got five unfamiliar ones off the list that I'll share with you this week.

My first straight-off was The The's 1983 debut album "Soul Mining."  Back in the 90s during the 'Alternative Nation' era of music (the golden age when I realized how important music was to me) I flipped for The The's 1994 album "Dusk," which was lead by the red-hot sexy single "Dogs of Lust," which in retrospect had it's own tiny moment in my homosexual awakening.  (Why I am I so drawn to this... to him?)

I only went as far back as '86's "Infected," which was alright, though didn't pack the same punch as "Dusk."  Upon listening to "Soul Mining," I hear the semi-dated synths and drum machines... but it is fantastic.  I did know key singles "Uncertain Smile" and (increasingly) monumental "This is the Day," but "Mining" is great from start to finish.  And while it may sound a touch dated now, that doesn't mean it wasn't super influential in its time.

It was my intention to find a killer album cut to highlight from this album but my last week has been almost solely compromised of being blown away over and over with just HOW great a sing "This is the Day" is.  Like... this is one of the best songs of the 80s for sure.  You should own it.

Next up on my list is to check out 1989's "Mind Bomb," another possible lost masterpiece (to me.)

More quote-on-quote "most influential" albums during the week, but if you'd like to take the quiz and see the full list you can do so here:  100 Influential Albums on Facebook. For extra fun, leave your score as a comment on this post.

This is the Day
Uncertain Smile

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