Thursday, February 07, 2013

While I'm Alive

Song: While I'm Alive
Artist: STRFKR
Album: Miracle Mile

Single from last year, new album (their third) coming later this month.

STRFKR, or Starfucker as they used to be called, are a Portland, Oregon-based indie-electronica act I can't believe I'm only now just discovering.  They're really amazing.

With the one-two punch of getting 2011's "Reptilians" and now "Miracle Mile," I've got a lot to digest. (And that's with currently ignoring their debut, '08's "Starfucker.")

I hear everyone from Beck to Cut Copy, Yeasayer to Pavement... The Strokes, Shy Child, The Flaming Lips...

Actually quite a bit Flaming Lips.

If any of those are "your band," you should check these guys out.

Currently my two immediate favorite songs have "alive" in the title... "While I'm Alive" below, and "Bury Us Alive" from "Reptilians."  But I must say I'm loving both records simultaneously.  Take a listen to both here:

While I'm Alive
Fortune's Fool

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