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Best of 2012: Get a Job

Best of 2012

Song: Get a Job
Artist: Gossip
Album: A Joyful Noise

In retrospect, it's odd that I only highlighted "Perfect World" from the Gossip's 2012 album "A Joyful Noise."  It's a great song, maybe a little too much like "Heavy Cross," but the point is, the album has a handful of going-to-be-classic Gossip songs on it.  And when I go gaga for something (wink-wink) I usually hammer y'all with it.

"Music for Men," Gossip's last album made my list of best records of 2009 and possibly the only reason "A Joyful Noise" doesn't make my album list this year is that it's just not as good as that record... but it's still pretty great.

Unfortunately the cross-over hit still seems to allude the band, despite bringing it time and time again.  Second single "Move in the Right Direction" was exactly that, a fun, pulsating, catchy, pure-Gossip slice of dancepop and one of my most played tracks of the year.  I loved it.  Yet, no1curr.  Nobody.

Though when I got the album, the undoubted highlight was "Get a Job," with the anthemic, working-class line; "I'd love to stay and party, but I gotta go to work."  It should be played at every Sunday night party around 11 PM.  How perfect?  Yet the band/record label stopped at the second single... this would have been the perfect third.  I've been digging the Peter Rauhofer remix as well... I'm surprised it hasn't been remixed more thus far.

Also loved the midtempo "Casualties of War" and the 90's sounding "Get Lost," which is another gem and album highlight.

Not an amazing record but again, worth listening to.  I still feel the band hasn't made THE album yet, and hope that despite their best efforts, they don't get frustrated they haven't broke wider and stop.  They continue to move in the right directions for me.


Get a Job
Move in the Right Direction
Get Lost

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