Friday, January 04, 2013

Best of 2012: Memory of the Future

Best of 2012

Song: Memory of the Future
Artist: Pet Shop Boys
Album: Elysium

Less we take the Pet Shop Boys for granted, it's important to note that even on just "good" albums, the Boys manage to write a couple classics worth noting.  While yes, I'm a fan, they do manage to be doing it better than just about anybody else and keep releasing quality albums with should-have-been-huge tracks that beg for a wider audience.

"Elysium" was a much more quiet affair than the much more pop predecessor "Yes" and yet it's touchstones, the classic "Behavior" and the overlooked relatively new classic "Release" are just better in the end.  But again, even when the Boys do just good, they still deliver some serious gold.

On their 11th studio album the boys have concocted at least two classics, second single "Leaving" which opened the record which I highlighted earlier this year, and current single "Memory of the Future," which is one of the most touching love songs I've heard them do.  Missing the biting sarcasm and arched-brow wit that runs throughout the record (and possible reason I don't connect as much) "Future" is a touch of Pet Shop mystery with a nice dose of straight-forward yearning emotion.  It's not exactly "Home and Dry," but it's bloody close.

To be clear, if you're a fan, "Elysium" is necessary, required listening.  If casual, get "Leaving" and "Future," ad the rest you might like.

Long live the Pet Shop Boys!


Memory of the Future
Face Like That

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