Monday, December 21, 2009

Four Letter Word

Song: Four Letter Word
Artist: Gossip
Album: Music for Men

Best of 2009

When I first heard Gossip a couple years ago, it was Beth Ditto's powerful voice that I was most taken with. At the time they were doing sort of unremarkable lo-fi punk rock with a punchy beat, but her voice... and the intensity, were undeniable. But when "Standing in the Way of Control" came out, it was clear that this band was just getting their footing, and were about to take off. So for their release this year they called upon Producer-du-jour Rick Rubin for their major label debut. "Music For Men" to me, is the culmination of everything they've been building upon since their inception. I've actually been shocked that this album hasn't made more of a splash and/or more best of lists. It's an emotional tour-de-force that's catchy, current, and just all around great.

Singles "Heavy Cross" and "Love Long-Distance" were amazing, but the album is chock full of killer tracks. Ditto hits the homo-political disco with "Men in Love," one of my favorite tracks of the year... and toward the end she writes the heart-breaking "Four Letter Word," lyrically clever, emotionally powerful... this one cuts deep and hard. Do yourself a favor and get this record.


Four Letter Word

Men in Love

Love Long Distance

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