Friday, March 23, 2012


Song: Euphoria
Artist: Loreen
Album: Euphoria EP

Despite my penchant for European dance-pop, I've never gotten into this whole Eurovision Song Contest thing, which many approach like a sporting event.  It's happening now, and once again... I'm not paying attention.  But friend and reader Luis suggested I check out Sweden's entry, a song called "Euphoria" by a woman named Loreen.  At first listen it sounded like by-the-nubers pop-trance, the type of song that I've heard a million times over at video bars etc.  But even upon the second listen I began to think it was a little different.

I began to think of September, another Swedish dance-pop artist that initially sounds pretty generic, but more complex melodies surface, and the delivery sores, elevating the music to something else.  I really love September's stuff and that's how I'm feeling about "Euphoria."

Loreen was born in Stokholm in 1983 and was a contestant on Swedish Idol in 1994.  She became a TV corespondent, then took a break from the limelight.  Just last year she entered a song she co-wrote, "My Heart is Refusing Me" into Melodifestivalen, placing fourth in the second semifinal.  "Euphoria" was entered this year, and has quickly become the official Swedish entry.  According to all online betting companies, she's is the favorite to win the whole thing.

I'm really digging "Euphoria," and a track no-doubt that will help you launch yourself into the weekend. There's a four-track EP of the song available.  No word on a full proper debut album.


My Heart is Refusing Me

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