Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Resuscitate Me

Song: Resuscitate Me
Artist: September
Album: Love CPR

I first heard of Swedish dance-pop artist September when I got her compilation album "September" back in 2008.  A mix of her second album, 2005's "In Orbit" and third, 2007's "Dancing Shoes," the compilation was released here in the US, Canada, and Australia in order to capitalize on her growing popularity in Sweden and the strength of several hit tunes.  But it was single "Cry for You," that got things really going and she subsequently released compilations "Dancing in Orbit" for Belgium & the Netherlands, "Gold" for Europe, and then "Cry For You: The Album" in the UK and Ireland.  All having the same songs as "September" with slight differences here and there.

Well, it's time that September stop riding the wave of old (but great) tracks from years past, and in 2011 we will see the release of an international follow up to all of these compilations, "Love CPR."  With fellow Swede Robyn blowing things up this year with "Body Talk," can September ride the Swedish dance-pop wave?

First single "Resuscitate Me" was released this month and sounds right in line with the material from "September."   I do like it... though the more I hear her I realize she's a little less "Dancing On My Own," and a bit more "Evacuate the Dancefloor."  Yikes.  But I do think September has something a little more than the cavity-enducing Euro-pop like Cascada that seems to have a random pop hit here in the States every once in a while.  I wore the shit out of "September" despite it's Euro-pop sheen.  So I'm excited to hear what she does with the rest of "Love CPR."

I do highly recommend her old album if you dig this new single.  Not sure if "Resuscitate Me" has the spark of my personal favorites "Satellites" "Because I Love You" and "Looking For Love..." but I'm digging it.


Resuscitate Me


Looking for Love

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