Monday, March 26, 2012

All of Me

Song: All of Me
Artist: Tanlines
Album: Mixed Emotions

I discovered Tanlines, a Brooklyn-based indie duo late last year and their track "Real Life," which I really flipped for.  Just last week they delivered their debut album "Mixed Emotions."

As much as I dug "Real Life," I hadn't heard one other song the band did that had the same punch.  I liked their indie-electro, afro-beat vibe... even their slower songs, but again "Real Life" was quite a standout.  It's the one track from all of their released/leaked material that makes it to "Mixed Emotions," which delivers more on the quality, as well as another track on par, or possibly better than "Real Life," and that's "All of Me," a pretty infectious slice of beats, synths, and emotional yearning.  It's amazing, I love it.

I'm still sinking my teeth into the rest of "Mixed Emotions," but am really liking what I hear.


All of Me
Real Life
Not the Same

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