Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hideaway - Kiesza

Song: Hideaway
Artist: Kiesza
Album: Hideaway

Very promising "new" artist alert...

Kiesza is a London & NYC-based Canadian singer-songwriter who has recently dropped her debut dance single "Hideaway" late last month.  Just five days ago, the NYC-set single-shot music video came out which seems to be getting some additional traction for the song and singer.

A trained ballerina in her teens, Kiesza apparently joined the Canadian Navy after school and was being trained as a sniper until she decided to save the world with electro-pop instead.  It appears she released a folk album back in 2008 but having trouble finding confirmation that it's the same Kiesza.

"Hideaway" is a killer Deep House-meets-pop hybrid, radio catchy but club ready.  There's also a hint of 90s nostalgia that's also helped by the simple but effective music video.  (Acid wash jeans!) Which had its difficulties...

"Shooting the video seemed impossible," Kiesza tells Rolling Stone. "I had less than three days to learn five completely new dance styles. Almost everyone told me that we couldn't do it. Then to top things off, on the day of the shoot, I broke a rib. I did the video in two takes and couldn't move for an entire month afterward, but I pulled it off."

The "Hideaway" EP comes out at the end of March.  One to watch in 2014.



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