Friday, November 14, 2014

Do it Again - Melissa Etheridge

Song: Do it Again
Artist: Melissa Etheridge
Album: This is M.E.

Last week friend and reader Nick took me to see Melissa Etheridge on her new tour at Town Hall in New York City.  He got us AMAZING seats and while I've never been a huge fan of hers, the concert was an absolute blast.  She puts on a great show, it's obvious that she has genuine affection for her band, and she was pretty adept at mixing popular tunes from her now decades-old career with new music from her twelfth studio album, This is M.E.

While I knew the hits, and her last album, Nick helped me get ready for the show with a solid list of past tracks from her entire career  which I listened to alternately with the new album via Spotify.  I was digging everything, but was really connecting with the new material as well.  At the show, the new tracks "came alive" (snort) even more, the best you can really ask for from a live performance.

I was particularly struck by her performance of This is M.E. track "Do it Again," a track that didn't stand out when I listened to the record, but during the show sounded like a stone-cold classic.  (Sort of like how album track "Rock and Roll Me" from her last record still floors me.)  "Do it Again" was further amped up given the surprise guest back-up singer Angela Hunte, the woman that wrote "Empire State of Mind."  She happened to be very pregnant.  Here she is on the right:

"Do it Again" is a moving, passionate, love proclamation that Melissa just kills.  It's rock track with real soul to it, and her backup singers, along with Angela, just made it soar.  It was a real moment at the show.

I really recommend this record too.  Upbeat rockers like "I Won't Be Alone Tonight," "Take My Number," and "Ain't that Bad" really kick.  More people should be hearing this.


Do it Again
Won't Be Alone Tonight
Take My Number

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