Monday, November 17, 2014

Burning Bridges - Lucinda Williams

Song: Burning Bridges
Artist: Lucinda Williams
Album: Down Where the Spirit Hits the Bone

For her eleventh album Lucinda Williams returns with her most ambitious work, a double-album of deep Southern rock and blistering soulful blues called Down Where the Spirit Hits the Bone.  I tried to get into this when it was released back in September but never made it through.  After being such a fan starting with Car Wheels on a Gravel Road through to '03's A World Without Tears, her last album have left with a case of the "meh's," something that you could argue no Lucinda Williams should ever do.

As I make my way through the vast Down Where the Spirit Hits the Bone I am reminded of that old Lucinda, the one that cuts through you with a phrase and immerses you completely in her Louisiana-soaked Southern heartache.


Burning Bridges

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