Friday, March 28, 2014

Losin' It - Ola

Song: Losin' It
Artist: Ola
Album: Carelessly Yours

Swedish music super-fan Luis had introduced us to former Swedish Idol contestant Ola Nils HÃ¥kan Svensson, (who thankfully goes simply by Ola) and his catchy, pop-dance track "I'm in Love," which I... loved.  (Man that was ages ago.) I've been very interested in hearing the full album, Carelessly Yours, his fourth, which came out in January but it was impossible to find aside from snippets... not on US iTunes, not on Spotify, so I bought it on Amazon and it arrived Wednesday via Switzerland!

Carelessly Yours is a pretty strong dance-pop record filled with electro-tinged hooky tracks that might be a little too pop for some tastes.  (At the most, a track like "Rich & Young" sounds a bit One Direction frankly.)  But there are some worthwhile gems here.  I like the 80s sound to midtempo "Human," as well as the MGMT "Kids"-ish "Maybe."  The thumping "Losin' It" is also a winner with it's throbbing beat and incessant synth stabs.  (Parts are even reminiscent of Major Lazer's "Bubble Butt.")

The Swedish and their pop!


Losin' It
Jackie Kennedy

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