Friday, September 28, 2012

I'm in Love

Song: I'm in Love
Artist: Ola
Album: I'm in Love

Happy Friday!

Well here is something super catchy, super pop-y, and super dancey to get you into your weekend.

Friend and reader Luis, a super fan and expert on Swedish dance-pop recently introduced me to Ola, (full name Ola Svensson) a young singer-songwriter who got his start on Swedish Idol in 2005.  He's released three albums since, with a fourth on the way.

The first single off his new record is the Shellback-produced "I'm in Love," which I have been playing non-stop since Luis introduced me.  So fun.

I also decided to check out his last, self-titled third record.  It's a little too poppy even for my taste, though I also really dug first track "All Over the World," which was his last single from the record.  It seems he's making a move toward more "adult" dance-pop, while a lot of "Ola" is a little One Direction.  I certainly appreciate the progression.

I'll definitely be checking out the new record once released, "I'm in Love" is a gem.  Thanks Luis!


I'm in Love
All Over the World

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you're enjoying it! Such a great song.