Friday, June 28, 2013

Bubble Butt

Song: Bubble Butt
Artist: Major Lazer
Album: Free the Universe

Hadn't given this record much of a chance when it came out, but friend and reader Sean sent me this track, the fourth single and well... what can I say?  Another Friday... another twerk anthem.

I'm sorry.

The song and video are outrageous, there's not really much to say.  My favorite comment on the YouTube clip?  "I've literally lost my faith in music."  Seems about right.  (If you lake a sense of humor.)

Free the Universe, producer Major Laser's sophomore album Exec. Produced by Diplo is a mixed bag of reggae, dancehall, electronic, break, & even a little moombahton.  The guest roster is vast; Santigold, Tyga, Bruno Mars, Shaggy, Wyclef Jean, Peaches, Elephant Man, Laidback Luke, Wynter Gordon... the list goes on.

The album starts with a pretty laid-back vibe and ramps up as the songs click by.  You'll find "Bubble Butt" towards the end.  Take a listen.

Major Laser did a couple tracks on the latest Snoop Lion record, one of which; "Get Away" seems like possible hit material.


Bubble Butt

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