Monday, April 09, 2012


Song: Brokenhearted
Artist: Karmin
Album: Hello

Well here's new pop obsession.

I've discovered Karmin the wrong way... I missed all of their tongue-in-cheek hip-hop covers on YouTube, that garnered them exposure and a lot of famous fans, as well as their first single.  I've just discovered their second, the Katy Perry meets Ke$ha "Brokenhearted" that is absolutely infectious.  Check this out...

With some back-peddling I've now heard their truly fun and off kilter takes on "Super Bass" (below) "Party Rock Anthem" and a Chris Brown song I didn't know.  And their official first single "Crash Your Party," which is honestly just so-so.

"Hello," the bands debut is coming in early May.  This might really be something.


Super Bass
Crash Your Party

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