Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Going to the Ceremony - Kid Cudi

Song: Going to the Ceremony
Artist: Kid Cudi
Album: Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon

Cleveland-born, Brooklyn-based recording artist/actor Kid Cudi surprises with an out-of-nowhere 4th album; Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon released yesterday to digital retailers.  Initially intended as an E.P. and bridge from his third album Indicud and the third chapter in his Man on the Moon series, Satellite shifted into a full-length record after a burst of creative inspiration.  So much so that he's stated the physical release will expand on the currently ten-track album and contain bonus/extra tracks that he'll consider a "director's cut" of sorts.

After really loving his first two albums, Man on the Moon I & II, I just couldn't connect with Indicud.  Satellite seems to be cut from an even more experimental, stoner-friendly, spacey cloth.  Sonically it's pretty wild, with production mainly by Cudi himself along with Indicud collaborator Dot Da Genius. (Together as WZRD.)  He seems to be abandoning the more pop elements of his sound, which is a bit disappointing for me, yet I still find his flow and music to be rather fascinating.  


Going to the Ceremony
Satellite Flight

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