Friday, February 07, 2014

Russian Kiss - Annie

Song: Russian Kiss
Artist: Annie
Album: Russian Kiss

The Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia officially start today... you may have heard.

The P.R. certainly hasn't been very good, and is just getting worse.  Athletes and journalists that have arrived have found the Olympic village to be a little less than ready.  But of course the big news leading up to the games has been President Vladimir Putin's war on homosexuals with the governments "Propaganda" laws, which have lead to an upswing of anti-gay violence.

In response, Norwegian singer-songwriter Annie and Richard X, fresh off a winning E.P. collaboration released last year, have teamed up with visual artist Bjarne Melgaard for a protest track and short film (see below) to raise money for gay rights non-profit All Out.  More information can be found on Annie's website.

The track itself isn't too far off from their A&R E.P., a 90s-tinged deep house track that even includes some male moans of ecstasy toward the end.

After quite the hiatus Annie has been hitting it out of the park with one-off singles, the E.P., and now this hypnotic track that highlights a nasty violation of human rights.

Buy the single on iTunes: US and UK.

Russian Kiss

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