Monday, July 29, 2013

Ralph Macchio

Song: Ralph Macchio
Artist: Annie
Album: The A&R EP

Just a couple months ago we got a new Annie single out of nowhere, with rumours of a possible new album, or a new EP in the future.  Well, after the Xenomania-produced stand-alone single, Annie has teamed up with one of her best collaborators Richard X... and they've made a full five-track EP called The A&R EP. (get it?)

And, it's really really bloody fantastic.

I've been enjoying new track "Hold On" for a couple weeks now, but the full EP was just released on iTunes in the UK (Avail in US on Aug. 4th) early this AM and it boasts five absolutely killer songs.  My only complaint is that it's not a full album... but I'll stop complaining, because this is that good.

"Back Together" and "Hold On" remind me of material from her debut Anniemal, hovering around the space of her crowning achievement "Heartbeat."  "Ralph Macchio" is goofy, bubbly brilliance with a cute 80s reference that might help the song, and Annie, get some much-needed extra attention.  Finally "Invisible" and "Mixed Emotions" push things a bit further musically... all I want it more.

None of these tracks are on Spotify yet, but in the meantime you can check out the below WeCast Annie Playlist, the new tracks will be added when available.

Enjoy.  I certainly am.

Ralph Macchio
Hold On

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