Monday, February 10, 2014

In Your Room - The Bangles

Song: In Your Room
Artist: The Bangles
Album: Everything

There was something about the new U2 track, maybe it's the guitar line right in the beginning, but I instantly thought of The Bangles' 1988 track "In Your Room" from their third album Everything, the follow up to their breakthrough, 1986's Different Light.  And subsequently, I can't stop playing it.

I remember having Different Light on cassette, utterly obsessed with "Walk Like an Egyption" as well as "Manic Monday" but remember I didn't get the follow up... my Mother did after the Adult Contemporary cross-over smash "Eternal Flame," the band's biggest hit.

"In Your Room" was co-written by Billy Steinberg, who also co-wrote "Eternal Flame" with lead singer Susanna Hoffs and Tom Kelly.  Steinberg is responsible for a slew of huge 80s hits including "Like a Virgin," "True Colors," "I Drove All Night," "So Emotional," "I Touch Myself" and "Alone" by Heart.  It's a punchy, propulsive track, that does sound a bit dated but still quite rockin'.

The band split after a Greatest Hits record in 1990 only to reform a decade later for their fourth album Doll Revolution in 2003.


In Your Room
Eternal Flame

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