Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Comfortable - The Knocks

Song: Comfortable
Artist: The Knocks
Album: Comfortable [E.P.]

The Knocks have been umm... knocking around for quite some time and yet we still don't have a debut album yet.  Maybe it's time to stop waiting and enjoy the pretty consistent wave of E.P.'s and singles the duo does chuck out.  And do that they do do...

Comfortable is the latest four-track E.P. from the group containing the title track as well as "The One," a groovy little number done with Sneaky Sound System.  "Comfortable" is a catchy, sexy track that I've been going pretty wild for over the past couple weeks.  They just keep on keepin' on.

The Comfortable E.P. is already on Spotify, and while we don't have an album to listen to, we have more than an album's worth of material.  So below is a WeCastPlaylist of The Knocks output which is really pretty stellar.


The One

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