Thursday, February 27, 2014

Animal - Berlin

Song: Animal
Artist: Berlin
Album: Animal

Yes, that Berlin.

Los Angeles-based band Berlin formed in 1978 inspired by European electronic bands like Kraftwerk and Devo.  Because of their very new sound they had a hard time initially getting noticed until their breakthrough controversial single "Sex (I'm A...)" and then the Giorgio Moroder-produced single "No More Words."  The band split in 1986 just before the release of their biggest hit yet, the also Morodor-produced "Take My Breath Away" from the hit film Top Gun.

Singer Terri Nunn was an original part of the band but left before they took off to start an acting career (she auditioned for Princess Leia.)  She returned, saw them to success, and then legally retained rights to their name when touring with the Go-Go's in the late 90s.  The original lineup re-formed in '04 for the VH1 show Bands Reunited and did a string of live shows and a live album.

Nunn has since released a couple albums in the 00s under the Berlin moniker and just last year released another album Animal inspired by her new love of current EDM showcased from her radio show on Northridge, Los Angeles CA's KCSN.

Reader Sean clues WeCast into the title-track, a super-catchy and current sounding dance-pop banger that I am in love with.  The album was lead with unfortunately drippy ballad "It's the Way," but the majority follows "Animal's" dance-pop-with-guitars blueprint, and it's worth the listen.  This is no 80s nostalgia trip... Nunn, who sounds amazing, brings a contemporary flair to her brand of pop.  Check out "Nice to Meet You" and "Secrets."  Good stuff.



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