Friday, November 15, 2013


Song: Everywhere (Remixed by DJ DeMarko)
Artist: The Nicks
Album: Retromix: Fleetwood

Many of you are going to HATE this, just a warning.

I'm a huge Fleetwood Mac fan, a band that feel like has been in my life forever.  This past summer I was in Provincetown, MA and passed the still surviving P Town Spin CD Shop only to hear a dance remix of The Mac's "Rhiannon."  I loved Deep Dish's "Dreams" featuring new vocals by Stevie, Morgan Page's killer remix of her "Stand Back" as well as some White Label remixes of "Sara" and "Dreams" I have.  But in this shop they were pushing a full Fleetwood remix album.

Not so fast.  I didn't take the time to find out what the album was, and when I tried to search for it on the internet I had no luck.  I realized it must have been one of those bootleg CD's you can find in non-chain CD shops... like this one in Provincetown.  But I was wrong.

I went back to Provincetown recently over Halloween and since it was still on my mind, I decided to see if they still had copies of this record.  Turns out that it wasn't a bootleg, but a remix album of Fleetwood Mac songs by a... cover band.  Oh.  If this had been ten years ago I would have scoffed at the thing and told everyone how terrible it existed at all.  But it's 2013 and I bought the thing for $19.99. (Yikes right?)

So I totally love it.  It's not for purists for sure.  And while I certainly wish it was the original vocals, or at least original vocalists, it turns out that The Nicks are a pretty competent band that do their best to sound like the original vocalists.  If I hadn't lost you already that last bit might have put the nail in the coffin, but the truth is... this is a great little dance record with some killer songs that happen to all be classics.  It is what it is and my enjoyment of it seems to be a bit of turning point to my once more-critical musical snob ways.  Maybe this holds little weight or meaning to you as a reader, but as a life-long music fan and slightly-snobby one at that... this means something.  This is important.

Enough about me.  Retromix: Fleetwood is a big gay dance record that would also be perfect for your Aunt's aerobics workout.  It's an hour and fifteen minutes of high-energy nostalgia.

Homo-hipsters be damned... I'll be be over here dancing.

Retromix: Fleetwood is a title from The Outclub, a gay-leaning online music store.


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