Tuesday, September 24, 2013

You're Not the One

Song: You're Not the One
Artist: Sky Ferreira
Album: Night Time, My Time

I've been following singer, songwriter, model, actress Sky Ferreira for a while now.  Back in 2010 she released singles "17," "Obsession," and the WeCast'd "One."  With a debut album scheduled for January of 2011.  That was postponed, and an EP, As If was announced in March of that year.  In November the debut album was announced to be coming out in the Spring of 2012, and in January she announced the album would be called Wild at Heart, working with Shirley Manson, Jon Brion, and Greg Kurstin.  A track called "Lost in My Bedroom" leaked in March of that year, and then a single "Red Lips" came out in June.  It was then announced that the album's name had been changed to I'm Not Alright.  In August the single "Everything is Embarrassing" was released and the album had turned into an EP, Ghost that was eventually released in October of last year.

Cut to June of this year and Sky reveals the album is now entitled I Will and would come out later in the Summer.  By July it was announced the album was delayed until 2014 and another EP (called I Will) was to be released in autumn.  Then suddenly earlier this month it was announced the debut album was now called Night Time, My Time, it will come out at the end of October, and the first single will be "You're Not the One."


While I certainly have my fingers crossed that the album will actually happen, we now have "You're Not the One" with a great music video! (see below.)  The track follows the sound of Ghost's "Everything is Embarrassing" and is also co-written by Ariel Reichtshaid.  And it's fantastic.

You'll hear a little Blondie, a little Cyndi Lauper, and feel a bit of early Madonna in Sky.  She's got a great look and while she recalls all these great 80s female pop acts, it's clear that she's got her own thing going on and it's truly the music that's the best part.  I really loved "Everything is Embarrassing" and thankfully "You're Not the One" is more of the same.

Hold our breath here in the hopes the album does actually happen and it lives up to the crazy hype this slow-burn act has given us. She was recently busted, but hopefully that doesn't hurt anything. (including herself)


You're Not the One

Everything is Embarrassing
Lost in My Bedroom

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