Monday, July 23, 2012

Red Lips

Song: Red Lips
Artist: Sky Ferreira
Album: I'm Not Alright

Upon hearing her first song "One" I was immediately interested in American singer, songwriter, actress, model, Sky Ferreira who was working with some great electropop production talent, and had a very promising EP, "As If!" released early last year.  So where is the album?

Well, her official debut, "I'm Not Alright" (originally "Wild at Heart") is scheduled to come out sometime this year, but she's moved away from the dance-pop to a Blondie-esque, semi-edgy rock sound.  I'd be a little disappointed, if the first official single wasn't so good.

"Red Lips" was written by Garbage's Shirley Manson and sounds... well, just like Garbage.  Oddly, I've immediately connected with this and yet I couldn't find anything I really loved from the latest Garbage reunion record.  Oh well.

Check out the creepy Terry Richardson-directed video below.


Red Lips
Lost in My Bedroom

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