Monday, September 23, 2013

Kate Moss in '97

Song: Kate Moss in '97
Artist: Moving Units
Album: Neurotic Exotic

I'd forgotten about this band.

Moving Units are an L.A.-based dance-rock band that started back in 2001 and released their debut album Dangerous Dreams in 2004.  I liked that record, but haven't kept up with the band since.  There really hasn't been a whole lot that happened; missed their follow-up album Hexes for Exes that came out in 2007, and a couple EP's... what has happened as of late is that the band split with singer Blake Miller in 2012, only to find out that Miller was playing shows under the Moving Units name without their consent.

The dispute was settled and Miller gained the rights to hire new musicians and continue under the Moving Units name.  And now we have a new record, Neurotic Exotic that was just released earlier this month on Metropolis Records.

Neurotic Exotic sounds like the band I knew... so take that for what it's worth.  It's a tight, slightly under 40 minute affair of electronic flourishes and guitar grooves.  Sort of like The Rapture or Franz Ferdinand with less wink-wink personality.

I liked this record immediately, worth checking out.  Going to see what I missed with Hexes for Exes...


Kate Moss in '97
The World is Ours
Girl Like U

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