Friday, September 27, 2013

Take it Like a Man

Song: Take it Like a Man
Artist: Cher
Album: Closer to the Truth

Straight readers... here is a good dose of gay that should last you for quite a while...

Icon Cher returns to recording after an almost twelve year hiatus with her 26th (!!!) album Closer to the Truth.  And it sounds like, at least to me, what is expected a Cher album sound in 2013.  (i.e. super gay disco.)  This is actually the first Cher album I've listened to front to back... and it is better than I expected.  It seems to be in line with her last efforts, 98's Believe and '01's Living Proof in terms of sound... can't speak on overall quality.

First track and initial single "Woman's World" seemed like Cher-by-numbers, almost jokingly so when it leaked like... a year ago.  But I have to say that hearing it more in context it's sort of perfect.  She's peddling a ballad as the follow up single, but I personally was stopped dead in my tracks by the second track, featuring some blink-and-miss backing vocals by the Scissor Sisters Jake Shears, a disco gem by the name... "Take it Like a Man."  Yup.

But hold it right there... Cher states "Boy if you want my heart... you gotta take it like a man."  Oh... that's what she's talking about you say.  Nice one Cher.

Beyond the wink-wink double-entendre, the song is actually pretty great.  Don't get me wrong, this is big gay glitter ball shit... but I see drag queens performing this one for years to come.  And that's all we can really ask from a Cher song.  Right?


Take it Like a Man

Woman's World

I Hope You Find it

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