Thursday, September 26, 2013

Free Your Mind

Song: Free Your Mind
Artist: Cut Copy
Album: Free Your Mind

Cut Copy are returning with their fourth album, Free Your Mind, which will be released early in November.  The band recently played the Pitchfork festival where they pressed 120 12" singles on the spot of their new single, "Let Me Show You," which was uploaded to YouTube and later released by the band.

Most recently the band also released the title-track from the new record as second single.  The album is shaping up, based on these tracks, to continue their psychedelic leanings married with an old school 90s House vibe.  It doesn't grab you like the singles from In Ghost Colours or "Take Me Over" from Zonoscope, but I've been repeating them for a week or two and they've really clicked into place for me.

While I didn't connect with Zonoscope as much as In Ghost Colours, I'm always up for some new Cut Copy.


Free Your Mind

Let Me Show You Love

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