Friday, June 21, 2013


Song: Twerk
Artist: Lady
Album: Bitch From Around the Way II

Okay, I surrender...

This song is not new, and those plugged in will find this very two-thousand-and-late, but am I wrong in stating that it seems like "twerking" and the very word "twerk" has jumped into (surprise) cultural relevance like never before?  I partly blame Buzzfeed, Miley Cyrus, even this guy.  They be puttin' it out there, and they be eatin' it up.

Ridiculous.  Sad.  Questioning the direction of our culture, etc.

I'm no twerk historian, but my go-to best twerk explanation can be found in one place; the video for Talbotton, GA-born lady rapper Lady's monumental, jaw-dropping, and yes, possibly cultural shifting video for her song "Twerk," found on her second mix tape, Bitch From Around the Way II.  Please see below, but be forewarned... this is NSFW material, this will make you question the abilities of the human body to a level the Olympics can't touch, and there is a chance it will change your life forever from this point onward.

Just watch this...

It's just... you can't right?  Life can be described as B.T. and then A.T. (Before Twerk/After Twerk.)

Can we marvel at the bathing suit fashion?  How kind of bored Lady looks through this whole thing?  How she is never seen actually twerking... And how one of these dancers, as my friend Dave pointed out when introducing; " clapping with her ass."  This is some mind-blowing crazy-ass shit. (to put it mildly)

Again, this video already had its viral moment like two years ago, but I feel like we're having a real twerk moment in our culture as of late, and Lady represents a key point of reference in this historical shift.  The song itself is beyond critique, it does not matter if you think it is good or bad... it just is.

I'm listening to Lady's mixtape now and every song sounds like "Twerk."  All contain that nasally, high-pitched voice and kinda-slow, is she bored? flow.  But it's all rather charming... in its way.  Take a listen to "Yankin" and most recent single "Pussy" below.  You can now pick your jaw up off the floor.

Please go to her official website and learn more about this crazy lady.


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