Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Ton of Love

Song: A Ton of Love
Artist: Editors
Album: The Weight of Your Love

British rockers Editors return with their upcoming fourth album The Weight of Your Love next month, four years after their last.  First single "A Ton of Love" is being released next week... and it's one of the most immediate rock tracks I've heard in some time.

The album is the first after the reportedly amicable split with lead guitarist Chris Urbanowicz, who left stating the old "creative differences."  Which probably explains the length in between releases.  In October of 2011, lead Tom Smith was claiming the album would be "very electronic," which is not evident from "A Ton of Love," which might have been the issue.

Regardless, "A Ton of Love" sounds classic to me... like a long lost track from the Modern Rock 80s or Alternative Nation 90s.  It brims with some of their influences; Echo and the Bunnyman, R.E.M., U2, and The Replacements.  It's so familiar that I almost thought it was a cover, but it's not.

Officially excited for this Editors record, might be a real rock and roll summer moment.


A Ton of Love
The Sting

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