Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Song: Jenny
Artist: Studio Killers
Album: Studio Killers

I can't believe it's been two years since I first heard the Studio Killers amazing debut single, "Ode to a Bouncer."  But it has... and they have finally released their self-titled debut album out on Danish label Copenhagen Records.  Studio Killers was just released digitally, with a physical release coming early next month.

Like the Gorillaz, Studio Killers are a "virtual" band represented by animated characters.  Unlike Gorillaz, the Studio Killers are keeping their true identities a secret from the media, though lead singer Cherry is rumored to be Teemu Brunila, lead singer of Turku-based pop group The Crash.  (Cherry the character is female, Teemu is male.)

After "Ode," I heard follow up single "Eros and Apollo" which sounded sooooo much like "Ode," minus a lot of it's charm, and I sort of lost interest.  In the past two months I've really gotten into follow-up's "All Men Are Pigs" as well as the excellent current single "Jenny," which will get the video treatment in August.  Based on these two tracks, I was back on... and now I can say I recommend this album strongly.

Studio Killers is a strong mix of bubbling electro-pop & catchy trance, all with a very whimsical, yet with a wink-wink humour about them.  It stays consistant, and yet despite the extreme similarities of "Ode" and "Eros" (tracks one and two) the other tracks are pretty varied sonically. (Okay, the beat of "In Tokyo" is a little reminiscent of "Ode" as well, but just slightly.)

If you're in the market for some solid dance-pop, look no further than Studio Killers.


All Men Are Pigs
When We Were Lovers

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