Monday, May 02, 2011

Ode to the Bouncer

Song: Ode to the Bouncer
Artist: Studio Killers
Album: Ode to the Bouncer

As the weather gets warmer, and pool days and beach trips begin to enter the mind, one thing come to the forefront of the mind... what's going to be the song of the Summer?!?!? Will Katy Perry have it AGAIN with the seventeenth single from her sophomore album, Gaga?  Britney?  Beyonce?  All the heavy hitters are out with new material, but I've been hearing a couple new tracks from new and semi-established artists that don't have a chance at actually being made song of the summer, but think you should totally give them a chance...

Thanks to an acquaintance sharing the video on Facebook, I've become aware of the London-based group called Studio Killers.  Very little is known from the band, and the animated video to their first and only single "Ode to the Bouncer" doesn't help you get to know them personally, but I don't really care... I'm obsessed with this new track.

The Studio Killers are comprised of three members, Cherry, Goldie Foxx, and Dyna Mink.  They are based in London, and Cherry is the singer.  That's all the bio they really have.  Learn "More" on their Facebook page.

This song is pretty infectious, and quite funny lyrically.  The girl just wants to get into the club, because she NEEDS to dance.  I get it.  I'm just loving this so much right now, and really looking forward to hearing more from this mysterious band.  They have a preview for a second single "All About You" also posted below.


Ode to the Bouncer

All About You (preview)

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