Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cookie Thumper

Song: Cookie Thumper
Artist: Die Antwoord
Album: Donker Mag

I was late to the Die Antwoord party, and while I can't say I love them, I do quite like... and just find them so odd, off-kilter, and a touch disgusting that it's impossible not to pay attention.

They last made waves (and honestly got my attention) by slagging Lady Gaga, who had asked them to open for her on her world tour.  This apparently upset them, so they released a music video that made fun of her.  Juvenile is putting it mildly, but what a sure-fire way to get a little publicity...

I missed their one-off single "XP€N$IV $HIT" which came out late last year, but they are now on the first single off their upcoming fourth album, Donker Mag that comes out next February.  They've made one of their now typical videos for the new track, "Cookie Thumper," (see below) which is just as gonzo as their previous material.  So odd.

Die Antwoord draw a lot of their style from the work of Roger Ballen and the Zef counterculture movement.

Here's a primer:


Cookie Thumper

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