Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Song: Racer
Artist: Giorgio Moroder
Album: Racer

Seventy-three years old is certainly an impressive number to reach, let alone an age to have a resurgence in your career.  But that's what's currently happening to electronic music pioneer Giorgio Moroder, whom has re-entered the collective consciousness again via Daft Punk's new album Random Access Memories, where he provides guest "vocals" on the track "Giorgio by Moroder" as well as contributed to their Collaborators series from the album.  While that project celebrates the man, his past, and his accomplishments, Google got him to make new music for a multi-screen game they're developing.

"Racer," the name of the track and the game is an instrumental that happens to be some of the most intense, melt-your-face-off, electronica I've heard in some time.  It all makes for quite a nice little story/comeback eh?

"Racer" the game uses a pretty simple why-hasn't-this-been-done (?) concept that's bound to look like Pong in a couple year's time.  But for now it's a cool idea with a killer soundtrack that's both forward-thinking and retro at the same time.  Take a look:

"Racer" the song doesn't seem like much initially, but given repeated listens unfolds itself to being pretty badass.  It's got quite the killer melody that fits the game, and it just might be the perfect thing to get you off your three-day-weekend haze and get yourself back to it.

And it should be noted that Moroder recently played his first DJ set in Brooklyn.  First.  At seventy-three.  Never stop people.  Never.  Stop.



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