Monday, July 30, 2012

I'll Get You (Feat. Jeppe)

Song: I'll Get You (Feat. Jeppe)
Artist: Classixx
Album: I'll Get You

I've had this track for over two years, and a couple months ago it was on deck to be highlighted here, but I honestly kept forgetting about it.  Oddly, I heard it several times while on vacation at different parties, and it clicked even more for me.  (something about set and setting no doubt.)

Classixx are a DJ and production duo out of Los Angeles, comprised of childhood friends Michael Taylor and Tyler Blake.  Best known for their remixes, the duo have reworked tracks for Yacht, Gossip, Drop the Lime, Major Lazer, Ladyhawke, & Fisherspooner.  Their remix of Pheonix's "Listomania" put them on the map.

"I'll Get You," their first stand-alone single was released way back in 2009, but it's obviously still getting play and/or just catching on.  I didn't realized that the vocalist was Jeppe from Junior Senior.  It's a hot, hot track.

They released a second single, "Into the Valley" last year featuring vocals by Karl Dixon.  No word if a full album is expected.


I'll Get You
Into the Valley
Listomania (Classixx Remix) - Phoenix

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