Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Impressions of You

Song: Impressions of You
Artist: The Virgins
Album: Strike Gently

It's been quite a while since we heard from The Virgins, NYC-based rock and roll act that had a modest success with their self-titled debut album back in '08 due to the popularity of single "Rich Girl," which was listed on Rolling Stones' best songs of 2008, was covered by Little Boots, and remixed with amazing results by The Twelves.  Killer song... had a sophomore-slump fear crushed the band?  Well... here comes "Strike Gently."

I'd forgotten about the band until seeing the album highlighted on Spotify, so I've been listening to it here and there over the past two weeks and things have finally clicked with me.  They sound a bit different to me than their debut, a little less urgent, not as rough and tumble... regardless, I'm really liking this record.

I'm getting a little Dire Straits vibe from them, a touch of Talking Heads, bit of The Cars and a lot of Elvis Costello... "Strike Gently" has a sorta-arty 80s rock record feel to it.  (If this last sentence has raised our interest, listen to this record now.)

This isn't a flashy record but it's tight and solid.  May take a bit to grab hold as it did for me, but this is some stellar, evocative rock and roll happening here.  Check it out.


Impressions of You
Prima Materia
Wheel of Fortune

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