Thursday, March 28, 2013


Song: Easy
Artist: Sheryl Crow
Album: Easy (single)

It's odd when an artist can be on top of the world, continue to write great music not unlike the work that had them on the top of the charts... and nobody seems to care.

Sheryl Crow will certainly be okay, but the Lilith Fair is long over and female singer-songwriters that were once industry heavyweights can't get arrested.  Music tastes are cyclical... so when is the next female singer-songwriter, girl-power reign?

Sheryl isn't taking chances... after releasing the return-to-form Detours in 2008 and the bluesy 100 Miles to Memphis in 2010, Crow is "going country," a loyal, if smaller audience, by signing to Warner Music Nashville with plans for a "country" album later this year.  Our first taste is the sun-drenched feel-good single "Easy" which sounds like... Sheryl Crow.

Hasn't Crow always been a little country?  Maybe the "rock" guitars are turned down a touch and the twang turned up slightly, but "Easy" is full-on Sheryl Crow.  It's certainly in her wheelhouse/comfort zone, but it's also pretty great... like the return of an old friend.

"Easy" deserves to be as ubiquitous this coming Summer as "Soak Up the Sun" was in 2002.  A groovy ode to stay-cations and loving the one you're with.

Oh and P.S., just realized "All I Wanna Do" is almost twenty years old.  Think about that for a second.



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