Monday, March 25, 2013


Song: Dream
Artist: Forest for the Trees
Album: Forest for the Trees

An odd curio from the 90s, Forest for the Trees was a collective lead by Carl Stephenson, who has problems releasing their only full-length album due to a nervous breakdown that delayed the release for many years.  Stephenson, aside from Trees, is also best known as a co-producer of Beck's "Mellow Gold."  The psychedelic cut-and-paste sound of "Gold" is all over Tree's 1997 album, and would have come almost four years earlier if not for the breakdown.

The only single "Dream," did make a bit of a splash on MTV's Alternative shows, with modest success in it's "Buzz-Bin."  It's trippy and melodic, and probably the catchiest thing on the mostly experimental sounding album.

Beck is also on the album, and hearing it with "Mellow Gold" in mind, it's hard not to hear it as a blueprint of sorts to that albums junkyard-beat sound collage.  If you're a fan of "Gold" this is required listening, you'll be surprised at the similarities.



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