Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Song: Counting
Artist: Autre Ne Veut
Album: Anxiety

This is such an odd record.

Just two days apart friend(s) and reader(s) Melanie and Luis asked me if I'd heard this record, and if I hadn't I should... I hadn't, so I did, and I didn't get it.  BUT, I kept throwing it in my days' playlist at work and continued to be a little whatever about it.  That was about two weeks ago and now after I don't know how many plays, a lot in the AM, a couple just in the background while deep into office work... and suddenly, I got it.

Autre Ne Veut is New York-based musician Author Ashin, and "Anxiety" is his sophomore album after the self-titled debut from 2010.  I haven't listened to that, but will probably throw it into todays playlist. (EDIT: Not on Spotify, boo.)

So how do I describe "Anxiety?"  Well, it's got an 80s R&B feel wrapped in an almost psychedelic sense of experimentation and production.  While he's not female, this album sounds like what would have happened if Whitney Houston did an album with Yeasayer.  Let that sink in... as that's "Anxiety." (Though FYI, "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" isn't a cover.)

It's best to just listen to the damn thing and remember, you might not like it off the bat but just keep listening.  It's nuts.  I really respect, and often line up with Melanie and Luis' tastes, so I'm glad I stayed with this record.  It bears many hidden strange strange fruits.


Play by Play
I Wanna Dance With Somebody

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