Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A tout a l'heure

Song: A tout a l'heure
Artist: Bibio
Album: Silver Wilkenson

Another recent discovery, "A tout a l'heure" is the new single from Stephen Wilkenson, a.k.a. Bibio, English music producer and artist.  It's the first music released from his upcoming seventh album, "Silver Wilkenson," which is expected out in May.

"A tout a l'heure" has a magical charm that grabbed me instantly.  I've listened to his most recent album because of it, 2011's "Mind Bokeh," which is also very very nice.

I find his music a little hard to describe, it's electronic with a lot of acoustic guitar and organic percussion ... you really just have to listen.  Today I'm checking out his Warp Records debut from 2009, "Ambivalence Avenue"

Nice stuff.


A tout a l'heure
K is for Kelson
Ambivalence Avenue

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