Thursday, March 21, 2013

Black Belt

Song: Black Belt
Artist: John Grant
Album: Pale Green Ghosts

Sophomore album that takes a more electronic turn from former The Czars singer John Grant.

Grant lives in Iceland where he recorded "Pale Green Ghosts" with Biggi Veira of Gus Gus, helping that more electronic sound he's given to the record in comparison with the mostly folk-y "Queen of Denmark."

Sinead O'Connor recorded the title track of that album on her latest album and she returns the favor by adding backing vocals on "Pale Green Ghosts."

I'm still wrapping my head around the record, but immediately loved the opener, title-track as well as second track "Black Belt," which has a great propulsive slink to it.  Things change a bit of a turn on "GML," which continues the deadpan delivery but adds minor absurdity to the lyrics... it's funny, yet serious... a head-scratcher. (GML stands for "greatest mother-fucker.")

I wasn't familiar with The Czars, or Grant's solo debut, but this record is one to check out.


Black Belt
Pale Green Ghosts

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