Monday, March 18, 2013

Under the Sun

Song: Under the Sun
Artist: Louie Austen
Album: What a Comeback!

Louie Austen is a classically trained bar and jazz crooner/vocalist born in 1946 whom began dabbling in electronic music in 1999 and began releasing albums.  He coined the term "electrocrooning," as a fit for what he does... which is sort of like old school House, or at least current-sounding House with an older feel...

Hell with it, Louie is right... it's best described as Electrocrooning.  Well done.

Late last year I got Austen's latest album, "What a Comeback!" and have really enjoyed it.  Perfect for a cocktail party or possibly even swank urban dinner... this is an album that will fit a variety of moods as well as ages of party quests.  I didn't really consider it WeCast-worthy... or should I say appropriate, but I keep going back to it... so why not!  It's good.

Austen was very active in the 2000's releasing an album or EP once a year, but "Comeback," possibly titled as it's his first since 2009.  (listen to that Timberlake)  I haven't listened to any of his older material, but have noted that much of it is on Spotify.

This is good to get your Monday/week going in a smooth yet punchy, classy fashion.  Find out more about the man from his official website.


Under the Sun
Love Machine

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