Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Iceblink Luck

From the 100 Influential Albums List

Song: Iceblink Luck
Artist: Cocteau Twins
Album: Heaven or Las Vegas

Shortly upon dipping your toe into "alternative" music or "modern rock" you learn about the Cocteau Twins.  Oddly, I never paid much attention.  They were always "on my list" to check out... it just never happened... but now they're on the 100 Influential Albums List.

Scottish rock band formed in 1979, Cocteau Twins became most known for lead singer Elizabeth Fraser's soprano vocals and "lyrics" that often veered into glossolalia or what is known as "Puirt a beul or "mouth music."  You'll often be thinking; "What did she just say?"  And there's a good chance there aren't real words.

"Heaven or Las Vegas," the album from the above referenced list was their sixth, and most successful  and ironically, contained the most intelligible lyrics Fraser had committed to tape.

Despite the commercial success they enjoyed with this album, it was the beginning of the end as they recorded only two more albums afterward, surviving another seven years.

This is good cleaning house music.


Iceblink Luck
Heaven or Las Vegas
Wolf in the Breast

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