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Best of 2012: Stupid Hoe

Best of 2012

Song: Stupid Hoe
Artist: Nicki Minaj
Album: Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded

Speaking of Nicki Minaj...

Released as the second "promo" single for her sophomore album "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded" and subsequently as the B-side to "Starships," "Stupid Hoe" is a brash, arguably annoying, diss track that was the closest that Minaj has come to a signature, original sound, and basks in its absolute ridiculousness.  A slutty cartoon come to life anthem, "Stupid Hoe" is the best thing Nicki Minaj has managed to do.  Well... in my opinion.  It's not really well liked, and comes from an "album" campaign that was as messy as the differences in its highs and lows.

For her sophomore album Nicki went half urban and half dancepop, splitting the record in two.  Not so shocking is that I gravitated to the RedOne-produced pop last half and consider "Starships" another big guilty pleasure of the year.  There was a re-release with a couple new tracks, all pretty excellent with the highlight, "Va Va Voom," which was considered for first single at one point... and then relegated to bonus track?  But that was par for the course from this campaign as it was again added to "The Re-Up," yet another re-release with seven new tracks and... "V.V.V." tacked on at the end.  Though I guess it was the last official single, or was that "The Boys" or "Freedom" from "Re-Up?" Just a mess.

Or... in the new age of digital playlists and fan-made track listings, just throw a bunch of shit out there and let the fan make the album they want.  Seems cool.

"Stupid Hoe's" video on YouTube broke the record of most played video in a 24 hour period when it was released, only to be pretty universally panned the day after.  It's bonkers in an absolutely amazing way with thinly disguised disses to 'Lil Kim and just about anyone else that has anything bad to say about Minaj.  It belongs up there with Kanye's "Monster" as one of the best things Minaj has ever recorded.  And I totally get it if you hate it.  I know people that do.. its rather abrasive.

If you're asking/thinking... no, I haven't made my perfect Minaj album from the thirty-odd songs that have been released, mostly because I don't really see myself listening to more than five or six songs in a row of hers.  A little Minaj goes a long way...

And "Stupid Hoe" is proof-positive.  I love it though.  And the video is cray-cray!


Stupid Hoe
Va Va Voom
I Endorse These Strippers

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